Text & ePub versions

We always put the latest version of the rules here. As you can see, there’s now a text version for those who just want to copy, paste and hack (as always, go right ahead and do what you want to do with this). Also, Giuila Barbano made an ePub version of the book! Which, of course, rocks.

Words are interesting things.

The first version of our intro to this game really made a lot of people mad. Not our intention at all, and I’ll take responsibility for it, since I wrote the intro.

So we killed it.

Here’s hoping people will still want to read the game!

Dear friends,

Some time ago, Emily Boss and I (Matthijs Holter) started working on a set of principles and techniques for open play. The central idea is that players would use different roleplaying techniques as they saw fit, selecting and incorporating them along the way, following the flow of the game and their own personal desires.Now we’re ready to release the ideas into the wild.The guidebook (link at the end) is, by its nature, not a finished or polished product, but a fairly raw manual that will require your personal interpretation and can only be fully understood by using it. We aim to update it in future versions.

On this page you will always find the latest edition of the guidebook. This is the latest version as of October 20. You may do with it whatever you want – copy, adapt, hack, reprint – up to and including trying to make money from it if you are insane.  A link to the plain text & epub versions of the system follows.

Play With Intent Guidebook (PDF)

First Edition (PDF)

Text version

EPub version